Monday, June 22, 2009

Saturday Morning at the Shul

This is what I wore to shul on Saturday. It's a blouse and skirt from Coldwater Creek--I've had these items for years, but could never figure out what to wear the skirt with. Last year I bought these shoes from Shoe Carnival just because they are pretty and couldn't figure out what to wear them with. While cleaning out my closet, inspiration hit.

The necklace is from Forever Young (or sometimes called Forever 21) and the bracelet and matching earrings are from Kohl's--they may have been from the 1928 line.

I did throw on a pale yellow sweater at the last minute. Thank goodness I did because the sanctuary was cold and then a storm blew in so it was cold driving home.

I'm trying to re-invent some of my clothes. When I lost weight last year I bought a whole new wardrobe, but this year finds me 14 pounds heavier and thankful I didn't discard all my fat clothes.

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